Creative Projects

Libertas Per Scientiam

Just Another Day (Short Story)

My attempt at a cyberpunk short story.  I'm tempted to create a few more in an episodic fashion about all the same characters in a world where corporations rule, technology sets the pace, and justice sways with the accountant's ledger.  Then... there are those who come to the aid of victims of this world.

This also is an experiment in self-publishing.

Libertas Per Scientiam: Just Another Day (PDF Document)

Genetic Reject Employment Bureau


A dredged up concept from the pass.  The world was original cooked up for a web comic during the web-comic emergence of the late 90's.   In the future, humanity experiments with genetic engineering and the typically spread of successes and failures.  Things change when these created beings are given rights... include the rejects.  The trouble is that the rejects are hard to employ and often clog up many government systems.  So, Genetic Reject Employment Bureau were created to house and employ these rejects; if only to keep them off the streets.  Below are various documents and bits related to it condense from old notes and my brain with a few revisions and corrections.

Concept Document

Commander Dialogues

Dialogs between two alien commander about their issues with humanity. There are four stories: Undocumented Features, Alternative Access, Other Options, and an associated story called The Cafeteria Incidient.

Commander Dialogues EPUB

The One, The Only, The Orion

Orion Stories EPUB

Flight of the Orion

The Galactic Coalition has only recently "integrated" humanity into its fleets. And despite the other alien races' expectations, huamnity still figures ways to surprise them.

Flight of the Orion

Orion Transit

The Orion is partially rebuilt and moving to the next staging location. New members of the crew have joined and getting used to the ship and crew. It's a nominal day until, a distress call forces a lot of testing ahead of schedule.

Orion Transit

Dangerous Bounty

The chief engineer of the Orion gets captured. While the kidnappers are thinking of bounties, they don't think about how dangerous their captive can be.

Dangerous Bounty

No Call For Me

Intro Bit

Mr. Alexander Madison lives in the world where most people have super powers, a small portion don't. There's advanced methods of detecting these abilties and powers. Strangely, despite rumors otherwise... Alex, on paper and by detection science, has no powers whatever. And Alex is quite content on it staying that way.

Intro Bit

Ain't A Hero

Sebastian was the "Chosen One" to destroy Lord Noxian. Unfortunately, he was defeated. Fortunately, he has a brother to help him out. Unfortunately, his brother wants NOTHING to do with this insanity.

Season 1 - Current Materials

Season 1 EPUB Last Updated: 03/10/2018

Season 1 Kindle Book

Season 2 - Current Materials

Season 2 EPUB Last Updated: 12/02/2018

Season 2 Kindle Book

Season 3 - Current Materials

Season 3 EPUB Last Updated: 12/02/2018

Season 4 - Current Materials

Season 4 EPUB Last Updated: 05/08/2019

Season 5 - Current Materials

Season 5 EPUB Last Updated: 05/08/2019

Season 6 - Current Materials

Season 6 EPUB Last Updated: 10/04/2020

Season 7 - Current Materials

Season 7 EPUB Last Updated: 01/24/2020

Season 8 - Current Materials

Season 8 EPUB (In progress) Last Updated: 03/14/2021

Hero Bits

Hero High

The villains are tried of slacking heroes and decide to do something about it.

Hero High

Not The Hero You Want

This hero doesn't want fame or fortune. He doesn't want to fight big monsters or super crime anymore. He wants the easy life of simple tickets.

Not The Hero You Want

Small Town Hero

As powerful as the big heroes, he's just trying to make ends met and work his way up in the world.

Small Town Hero

Playing in Another Sandbox (Other people's universes)

Living After the Starlight

What if your girlfriend was the demon... but not that type. A bit that was inspired from a Reddit post and concepts within Shattered Starlight

Living After the Starlight