“Okay... And- We’re recording. Cool! Awesome! Oh crap... Um- Uh- How to start, jeeze, this so big I don’t know where to start, um... AHA! I’ll just start at the beginning. Yeah, that makes sense. I haven’t recorded about this in my other secret vlogs, as there was not enough to go off of... Before... So, yeah... Yeah... We’ll start there. Okay. Whew. You can do this. Composure yourself...”

“A few months ago my parents adopted my new sister. I don’t fully understand it myself. It’s weird. But, um, I’ve known Lucia for awhile, but she was like in a different city, so it’s not like we’ve seen each other a lot. My parents knew her parents. They were all friends back way back in high school. But, um, Lucia’s parents went missing. Just gone. Poof. No signs of them for weeks. Police were called out. They investigated and found NOTHING. I mean, they usually find evidence or strange coincidences that might indicate foul play. But... Nada. Nothing. Zip. So, my mom and dad were named Lucia’s god parents a long time ago, with like legal paperwork and everything. I guess it was really handy to have, but who plans out what happens to their kid if they should magically disappear? Okay, getting side tracked... Stay on topic...”

“So, they decided to let her stay here. Cool... I guess. I had to move all my archives of paranormal evidence into the attic. And shelve my plans for expanding my research lab. I might see if Dad will FINALLY just let me use the shed. He’s always against changing anything in that shed. I just want a little spot in the corner for my bigger protects. It’s not like I’m going to bother his stuff and make him mad. But, okay, whatever. Alright, Lucia. Um... But, she’s been here a few months. And, um, I finally think I know what she is... But, before that I need to explain the evidence I found... Um, gotta give context... Yeah, that make sense.”

“It all started pretty normal, I guess. She’s a few years older than me. See seemed just like any other high school girl, I guess. I don’t know. She seemed sad about her parents going missing. But, maybe not sad enough? I don’t know how to describe it. I’d be bummed out forever if my parents just disappeared. Lucia seemed sad for a few days, and then it didn’t seem to bother her THAT much. She misses her parents, but... I don’t know... I thought maybe she’s really tough, or just has a lot of hope they’ll show back up. I’d really hope, too, if my mom and dad went missing they showed back up like nothing was wrong. So, I can’t blame her? Okay...”

“After a few weeks... I started noticing things. I thought I was busy with after school stuff, but Lucia? She leaves for school early and comes home after dark, A LOT. Sometimes she’s SUPER LATE. Not, oh I’m a few minutes late, BUT... LATE LATE. Every time, she comes in, apologizes to my parents, and it’s all okay. They’re just happy she got home, and my mom warms up her dinner. And EVERYTHING IS FINE?! What IS THAT all about! I can’t calculate the amount of trouble I’d be in, and I know PI out to 20 places! I’ve almost memorized up to 30, but always transpose a number. Back on subject!”

“The next thing is her friends. They’re all cool, I guess. They seem nice. I mean, they’re nice to me. But, they’re busy with high school girl stuff. But, I noticed some strange patterns. Each one of Lucia’s friends has a color and style. It’s not like a favorite color they just like. It’s more than that. It’s like they’re drawn to it. They must incorporate it to whatever they are doing. It goes deeper than that. I mean, they’ll all different personalities. I mean, um... Not just they’re different people, but they’re different personality types. Most groups at school, everyone in them is like really, really similar. Almost the same. Lucia’s friends, all four of them, I don’t know how they got to know each other in school.”

“Last month, I finally noticed that whenever there were reports of strange activity in the news like power outages, streets being closed of due to water and gas leaks, and other weird stuff... Lucia is GONE. My Mom and Dad are glued watching the streams, too. When I check the paranormal forums, I read people’s reports of all kinds of crazy stuff. And all the times... Lucia SHOULD be home. But, she never is. An hour after the weird stuff happens, Lucia comes back home. It’s TOO CONSISTENT. There is a pattern here. I’ve kept notes of when she leaves and comes back, and lined it up when reports come in. She ALWAYS leaves within a half hour before the weird stuff happens. I’ve tried following her. But, she disappears. Once she turns a corner, she’s gone. A few times I think I heard the some music? And sometimes I see pink light coming from around a wall. But, never find ANYTHING. It’s SO FRUSTRATING!”

“So, to investigate this further, I decided to sneak into her room when she left one time. I needed to find some evidence. This was all too strange and watching and hoping to catch her in the act... It just wasn’t happening. So, I went in. Looked around. I found I guess typical girl things. Nothing looked out place. The only thing I noticed odd was that the upper drawer of the dresser was open. It’s like she grabbed something in there in hurry. I don’t know what it is still. But, it looks like she puts it in the same place all the time. I couldn’t take all the time I needed, since I heard Mom coming up the stairs... But, I think it is rod shaped with a something large and round at the end. There’s a cloth she must set it on, and that’s the impression it left. It’s been getting really difficult to explore further. The cats keep on watching me whenever I try-”

“The cats! Right, I totally forgot about them. These cats! They’re not normal cats. There’s two big cats and a little one. We don’t have cats. These cats showed up in the neighborhood the same week Lucia moved in. They don’t live here. Lucia doesn’t keep them as pets inside. They’re just always around her and her friends. All the time. Even when they don’t have food. That’s what is so weird. These cats pay attention to Lucia and her friends. It’s SO WEIRD. Most cats only care about you if you have food, then they don’t care. And... I’m beginning to think they’re watching me now. I’m not paranoid or anything... But whenever I try to spy on Lucia and her friends... One of them ALWAYS finds me and meows. Then, it seems like Lucia and her friends change the subject afterwards. Like there’s something I shouldn’t hear.”

“Despite all that... Yesterday, I finally got lucky, I think. When Lucia was gone as usual, I told Mom and Dad I was tired and went to bed early. Then, I snuck out of my bedroom window, and climbed up in that tree next door. It’s the big tree with lots of leaves and big branches. I’ve gone up there before, and made sure that Lucia, her friends, or those cats couldn’t see me. So, I waited. And waited. And... Waited... But finally... I saw her! Lucia! But, she was in a strange costume. Like an old time sailor outfit with a blue skirt. White gloves, big red bows, and knee high boots. From the Paranormal Beings Wiki online, I had heard of something like this. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to make any assumptions. But then, he showed up. Some guy with black hair. He was wearing a black suit with a top hat, and white mask on his eyes. They talked to each other, but I was too far away to hear anything. After they were done, he jumped on top of a wall and just disappeared! Gone! I couldn’t see where he went. Lucia rushed down the street to the driveway. She hid behind some bushes for a moment. I saw some light, and then she walked out with the clothes she had when she left the house earlier. I rushed back after that. I didn’t want anyone to know I wasn’t in my room... especially those cats. Because I know they were going to figure out, if I didn’t get back.”

“Now, it’s just awkward. Just tonight, as I looked up to my new adopted sister... My stomach just dropped HARD... Just the realization... Oh man... She’s a magical girl. I mean I’ve always wanted to find something paranormal. But, this? This is a bit too close to home- Well- IN HOME. If whatever I’ve read is right, she and here friends are fighting these horrible, strange monsters all the time! Like, do they know where she lives? I mean, if they do, is there something protecting his house? Do they know that my mom and dad taking care of her? What if they try to get me!? I mean, I don’t think otherworldly beings are above kidnapping and extortion! I don’t even want to know what they’ll do to me! And, this just leaves more questions now! I mean, what ACTUALLY happened to her parents?! Do my parents know?! I mean, they might. It explains how they act around her. And if they know, have they known?! How far back does this go?! What did my parents do back in high school?! I mean... It’s A LOT. Like A LOT a lot.”

“Actually, thinking about it. This might be why dad won’t let me use the shed when he’s not in there. I wonder...”