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D10/0 System Reference

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The D10/0 System Reference manual. D10/0 is a game system that attempts to be flexible and malleable, but in no shape or form universal. There's particular ways that system components operate, but a great deal of freedom/lack of rules in how they have to interact with each other.

Want to make your own game with D10/0 system? Want to customize the character sheet? Or just want to borrow parts and pieces of the character sheet for your own purposes? Well, here you go. The InDesign and Illustrator files that compose the D10/0 agent (character) sheet. Have fun!

D10.0 System Reference

A leaner twist to the D10/0 with some more unqiue takes.

Genetic Reject Employment Bureau

The G.R.E.B. is a tabletop role-playing game where the players take on the roles of genetic rejects from the various genetic engineering projects of the future’s past, while they try to maintain something that could be misconstrued as employment. This task is never easy given a world that’s a disturbingly comedic parody of what everyone thought the future was suppose to be. The G.R.E.B. is a humor driven game where some of the wildest ideas are explored, expanded upon, exploited, and sometimes exterminated for the betterment of all.

Just Another Day - Two Page Tabletop RPG

Designed as the first entry into Top Secret Games' Two Page Tabletop contest, this one is set in the cyberpunk future about various group that fight against corporate interests to aid the dystopia of tomorrow.

21XX: Fall of the Masters - Two Page Tabletop RPG

Designed as the second entry into Top Secret Games's Two Page Tabletop contest, this is set in the future where players play a squad of fighting robots sent into various zones to do battle with robot masters that have gone out of control.