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Tech Projects

The Strange Game Engine

The Strange Game Engine is an attempt to recreate the days of before when it comes to game development by create a virtual machine of sorts. The virtual machine presents the user with a video RAM to write to, sound channels to load up and configure, and simple control I/O. It is still in development, but can be found at it's get hub repository.

Neo RSC (Relatively Simple Computer)

The Neo RSC is an evolution of the semester long, multi-stage project in the Introduction to Computer Architecture course I took and taught as a graduate teaching assistant. The new system tries to take simpler and more straightforward routes to accomplish the same goals. This produces a computer that is more capable, but more efficient in design overall. This project was taken on in my spare time to see if the labs and computer construction could be simplified enough to allow the time and platform for students to extend the capabilities of the Neo RSC. So instead of simply constructing the computer, the students would tackle expanding the capabilities of the Neo RSC in some small way and demonstrate them as a final project.

Neo RSC Files

The Neo RSC was built with LogiSim 2.7.1. There shouldn't be any reason it couldn't work with newer version, but it all depends on the changes between versions.

Key Neo RSC files

Test Programs

Other Circuits