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Creative Projects


A "friendly" competition between a gathering of writers. Between the Pens and Pencil teams, each side takes shots at each other's writing prompts in a bid to out write the other in literary combat.

Here's the link to the site hosting the battle by Ally Marr: WriterWars


Below are my entries into the competition. I've titled them by the number of the prompt as indicated on this site: WriterWars Prompts

Libertas Per Scientiam

Just Another Day (Short Story)

My attempt at a cyberpunk short story. I'm tempted to create a few more in an episodic fashion about all the same characters in a world where corporations rule, technology sets the pace, and justice sways with the accountant's ledger. Then... there are those who come to the aid of victims of this world.

This also is an experiment in self-publishing.

Libertas Per Scientiam: Just Another Day

Commander Dialogues

Dialogs between two alien commander about their issues with humanity. There are four stories: Undocumented Features, Alternative Access, Other Options, and an associated story called The Cafeteria Incidient.

Commander Dialogues (EPUB)

The One, The Only, The Orion

Orion Stories (EPUB)

Ain't A Hero

Sebastian was the "Chosen One" to destroy Lord Noxian. Unfortunately, he was defeated. Fortunately, he has a brother to help him out. Unfortunately, his brother wants NOTHING to do with this insanity.