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R.I.G.S. Logo

R.I.G.S. is card/board game in development. It's an economic building game borrowing from Settlers of Catan and M.U.L.E., but with a bit more direct backstabbing, politics, and trading happening. 2 - 4 Industrial Homesteaders land on the planet with 15 rounds to show who is the best captain of industry for this planet. Players are granted lots of land, build and place RIGS to harvest resources, risk the Luxury market, suffer disasters, dodge and deal Karma to each other, cooperate in dealings with each other, and come out with the most wealth at the of it all.

Best played with 3 - 4 players and lasts on average 2 hours.

R.I.G.S. Source Materials

Since the commercial viability of the game, after much effort, has been determined to be very little. The source materials used for make the game have been released to the public. It is hoped that parts or pieces of these materials may be of an aid to other designers out there.